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Bundall, Benowa

No Contract Instructions issued: NBN Co has not issued Contract Instructions (CIs) to construction partners to commence building in this rollout region. As a result, a ready for service date is not provided. Further details regarding the rollout in this area will be released pending the strategic review and new Government policy regarding the NBN.

Rollout status

Status Work commenced
Build commenced
Construction Commenced

Dec-2012 (historical purposes only)
Expected Ready for Service Date TBA
Disconnection Date
Type of Deployment Brownfields Fibre
Rollout Region ID 4ASH-02
Fibre Serving Area Module 4ASH-02
Fibre Serving Area 4ASH (Ashmore)
Point of Interconnect 4NER (Nerang)
Connectivity Serving Area CSA400000000027 (Ashmore CSA)
Approx. # of Premises 2300
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FDA Information beta

FDA IDStatusActive on*P's*Serviceable^Connected^
Oh no, there was no FDA data for this FSAM found at this time.

^ Calculated as percentages, rounded to the nearest 5%. Data may not be up-to-date. Use at your own risk.
* Approximate number of premises; based on the Proposed Footprint List. Data may not be up-to-date. Use at your own risk.
* Active on refers to the date when myNBN became aware that this particular FDA had at least one servicable premises. This metric is not used officially by NBN Co nor provided by NBN Co. Use at your own risk.

Location Search beta

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FSAM history

Release DateDetails
Dec 2012Commenced construction: 31 Dec '12
Jan 2013Expected RFS date: Jan '14
Feb 2013Expected RFS date: Jan '14
Apr 2013Expected RFS date: Jan '14
May 2013Expected RFS date: Jan '14
Jun 2013Expected RFS date: Jan '14
Jul 2013Expected RFS date: Jan '14
Aug 2013Expected RFS date: Jan '14

Ashmore Rollout Map